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Welcome! This is the home page of Tiny Notes. To be concise, Tiny Notes is a small (tiny) program that lets you organize your notes in categories, in a tree. It supports syntax highlighting so it should be useful as a mini code repository.

How this project came to be

I noticed one day that I was spending too much time looking for various bits and pieces of code, configuration files, regexes, commands and I thought "Wow, wouldn't it be great if there were a small program to keep all these organized so I can search through them?". I googled and I also searched sourceforge and I couldn't find anything that was open source and recent enough to use. So I decided to write one myself. So, after a few weeks, here it is.

About Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes is written in c++ using wxWidgets as gui toolkit. I decided to use wxWidgets as I always wanted to learn about it, and this seemd easy enough, so I gave it a shot. I also considered writing the whole lot in c#, and it would have been a great deal easier, due to the great IDE-s around and due to the fact that the whole language is thought for GUI development. But I wanted it to be native so it would be faster and not use 20M of memory, just for being around (that's what bare .NET executables do, I hate that). I did not consider MFC du to the MANY_MACROS_IT_SEEMS_TO_RELY_UPON.

As a database backend I decided upon sqlite, which is just great. Small, fast, open source, easy to use c/c++ interface, it's just great. And I just love SQL (you have to admit sql is great for this project, xml being a close second). For syntax highlighting I decided to use scintilla, as most free editors use it and.. really there's no other REAL alternative for an open source project..
This project is dedicated to Andri:)